let's make something...

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"the involuntary dramatization of subjective experience."
- ananda coomaraswami


My work...

As a creative strategist, I am a problem solver. I’m keenly aware of the role of storytelling in design, marketing and leadership. In this website you'll see the three pillars of my work: Creative Management, Picture Making, and Life Coaching - distinct, yet related disciplines. All are focused on moving people and organizations forward: being in the moment, connecting with the subject matter, seeing and articulating what is possible.

To some degree, I have done all these things since I was a kid, growing up in a little suburb of Boston. Now years later, they appear here - polished by lots of professional experience and presented with ample white space - so that you can easily navigate your way to our next fascinating collaboration.

I hope to see you soon....

"Matt has always impressed me as a professional with that rare and remarkable balance between creativity, organization, team management, and being a subject matter expert."
– Peter Frickland Director of Product Development, Cascade Designs