When I'm outside, my happy place is most often in the saddle, between two wheels - either pedal-powered or motorized...or on a road trip with the camera kit in the back of the truck or trudging through cold and snowy or hot and dusty trails toward some high vista...and good chocolate.

When I'm working, that happy place is the joy of being able to lose myself in my creative endeavors. I've been lucky to work at companies in both the Pacific Northwest and New England that possess inspiring convictions. In addition to sharing the values of our employers, I believe it's very important to develop a sense of kinship with our colleagues. This makes such a difference in the enjoyment of each day and the effectiveness of our work.

As a professional creative, I believe it is necessary to be extremely adaptable and welcome new ideas and new information, daily. During these rapidly changing times, our creative minds are powerful tools to help people make these required transitions, as seamlessly as possible.

Matt showed great talent for translating our branding strategy and corporate persona into meaningful execution. He has a knack for combining both pragmatic business needs with natural human buying emotions producing creative executions that created great branding/positioning value for the enterprise.
— Edward B. Nubel SVP Sales and CMO TrueBlue, Inc.

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