My Happy Place...

...is often in the saddle, between two wheels - either pedal-powered or motorized...or on a roadtrip with the camera kit in the back of the truck, or trudging through cold and snowy or hot and dusty trails toward some high vista...and good chocolate.

I enjoy solitary creative time as much as I love sitting around with dear friends discussing the latest life has to offer, or dropping into a fully costumed dance party for the night. 

Being able to lose myself in my creative endeavors is a joy - and to do so, I need to resonate with the product or services I am working on. I've been lucky to work at companies in both the Pacific Northwest and New England that do possess inspiring convictions. This makes such a difference in the enjoyment of each day and the effectiveness of my and my team's work! 

And finally, it is even more important for me to feel a sense of kinship with my colleagues as I tend to be well aware of people and their feelings. As a professional creative I believe it is necessary to be very adaptable, and welcome new ideas and new information. And during these rapidly changing times, our creative minds are powerful tools to help people make these transitions, every day.



Companies I have served...